All that matters on the chessboard is good moves.

- Bobby Fischer

The man behind the bird

As an experienced recruiter, I assist in making good career moves.

With a background in psychology, I have been recruiting talents from all over the world, for over six years.

Based in Berlin, I have extensive knowledge and experience in the startup and tech scene.

I recruited internationally for KaufDA – Bonial International Group, placing candidates not only for its European offices, but also the US. I specialised in tech recruitment for Babbel and have worked for agencies in Barcelona and Warsaw.

I speak English, German, Spanish, French and Polish and am happy to converse in whichever language you prefer.


We started playing a year ago, outside by the Maybachufer markets, and decided to create a group where like-minded people with a mutual appreciation for chess can meet up. Now this group of chess enthusiasts plays every two weeks in Buchbund, a cosy bookshop in Neukölln. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert. The atmosphere is social rather than competitive, so don’t be shy!

At the end of each meetup, we play a 5 minute blitz tournament, where the winner has the opportunity to walk away with a book.

Join us and help build a great chess community in Berlin!

We also have a FB group

Peace, love and check mate.

+49 1577 935 3 935