All that matters on the chessboard is good moves.

- Bobby Fischer

The team behind the bird

We assist in making good career moves.

the blackbird is a HR collective which helps startups hire the right people.

Currently there are three of us based in Berlin with a network of researchers around the world. We believe in modern approaches to working and for this reason we follow a four day work week and each of us can be location independent. It allows us to find a healthy balance and flexibility between delivering quality services to our candidates and clients, while giving us time for other interests, whether it’s travelling, chess or film making.

We work on freelance and remote interim projects for clients based in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. We also have a large network of tech talent wanting to move to Germany.

We speak English, German, Spanish, French and Polish and are happy to converse in whichever language you prefer.


We are a group of chess enthusiasts that play every two weeks in Saarbach Kulturcafe, Neukölln. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert. The atmosphere is social rather than competitive, so don’t be shy!

Join us and help build a great chess community in Berlin!

We also have a FB group

Peace, love and check mate.

+49 1577 935 3 935